Champ De Ville

Project description

CHANGE IS REQUIRED We have to reclaim our food systems – for the sake of both healthy ecosystems and our own health, & to allow future generations the opportunity to survive if not thrive. We have to Move forward by using technological advancements and scientific knowledge to produce food outside of natural ecosystems because we have a lack of arable lands. We will be using resources and ingenuity to create our own ecosystems to produce food with almost no environmental impact, in almost any climate. We have to build the capacity to produce food locally in all seasons with highly efficient Labour and water use. We must produce locally and consume locally to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We believe aquaponics is a sustainable solution and will be the community-based urban food production. Aquaponic food production is highly efficient because it re-uses the nutrients contained in fish feed and fish faeces to grow the crop plants in an ecological cycle.

Project details

  • Client: champ de Ville
  • Category: Urban agriculture platform